Sunday, 13 February 2011

The Race

This is my little video of ‘Hellrunner’ the sponsored run I took part in yesterday for ‘Project Pig’.   The footage is basically from the start and finish of the race, as it wasn’t easy for spectators to get to most of the route.  It has to be said after the first few miles of punishing relentless hills I did ask myself what part of the word Hellrunner I failed to understand!  The course basically consisted of 11 miles of running through mud, up and down hills, through forests,  rivers and sand.  There were a few water features that were quite honestly refreshing after wading through the mud. I nearly lost one of my trainers in the infamous ‘Bog of Doom’, the smell of which made me question if the local animals had used it as a toilet;o)  But it was a really rewarding and fun experience in many ways, and I was so happy when I crossed the finish line.  I think for next time Il have a few less beers in my diet, a few less pounds to carry and a lot more training;oD

Monday, 31 January 2011

The Litter of British Lops

This pictures shows the litter from which our lops will come. They are all doing well and the Sow is being a great mother.

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

About British Lops

British Lop Pigs

The British Lop is a large, white pig with large ears that fall forward over its face. Originating from the West Country they can now be found all over the British Isles with the first British Lop for thirty years being exported to Ireland in 2010.

British Lops are the only pig breed on the Rare Breed Survival Trust “endangered” list. Making excellent pork and bacon pigs they are also superb mothers, milking well and very docile. So, why are they the rarest breed of pig? Possibly the answer is that other traditional breeds are more attractive to the smallholder as they are coloured, spotty or saddled and it is this that sways the buyer away from the British Lop.

Despite only a small number of dedicated breeders the British Lop has maintained its traditional characteristics and does well against other breeds in the show ring.

The British Lops that will be moving to Saving Rare Breeds will be Harmony gilts born on the 4th of January 2011. Their dam is Ashghyll Harmony the 4th and this homebred sow was Overall Champion at the Cheshire County Show as a July gilt. She was described by the judge as “the perfect pig”; long, deep, wedge shaped (broader at the back than the shoulders) well filled hams and good legs as well as 14 evenly spaced teats.

This sow has bred many show winners with our boar who is from the Duke line.

One of the Lops

Monday, 24 January 2011

Project Pig

In the next few weeks I am hoping to raise money for 'Saving Rare Breeds' a charity set up to help preserve endangered livestock.
'Project Pig' has been set up to raise money for the British Lop.  It is the rarest of the UK pigs and is recognised as being endangered.
On February 12th I am taking part in 'Hellrunner' a 12 mile off-road run to raise money and awareness for the Lop.

Please sponsor me here and you can see me endure my few hours of pain in a few weeks time!